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Terms and Conditions

Course Conduct Conditions:
  • A 7 days’ exclusive training on selected technology at the starting of every semester (in the month of May/June at Odd semester and Dec/Jan at Even semester)
  • Training Timing will be 9am to 5pm(7 days of exclusive training)
  • On the seventh day trainer will demonstrate one real time project implementation and allot projects to each group the batch(4 students per batch)
  • Trainers/Experts are expected to check status of the project periodically at every moth( for 3 continues months)
  • Training Venue will be only at APSIT, Thane
  • A table of content(course outline) and tentative list of project(minimum 16) must be provided from the trainers/Experts
  • Trainers have to quote per student cost in the proposal. (including all taxes)
  • There will be the tie-up of 3 months after the completion of exclusive training to check the status of project.
  • One hour demo session on the respective technology will be arranged by college after the submission of the proposal
  • One trainer and one assistant must be there to conduct training sessions.
  • Trainers must have the bachelor degree of engineering(B.E.)

Payment Condtions:
  • Total number of students * cost per student = total payment
  • First instalment – 30% of total payment at the starting of the exclusive training
  • Second instalment – 30% of total payment at the end of the exclusive training
  • Third instalment – 10% of total payment at the time of first visit to check status of the projects
  • Fourth instalment – 10% of total payment at the time of second visit to check status of the projects
  • Fifth instalment – 10% of total payment at the time of third visit to check status of the projects
  • Last instalment – 10% of total payment, when all groups complete their 100% project work
  • Stay, food and travelling to be borne by training organisation.
  • Payments will be done by check/RTGS/NEFT with TDS deduction

APSIT facilities available for trainer:
  • Exclusive air conditioned labs available for hands on training with 60 computers, digital board, hanging projector, audio facility
  • project guides/mentors will be allotted for every group from internal faculty members to take the follow up of projects every week
  • exclusive time slots will be included in regular time table for project work

Trainer’s selection procedure:
  • Trainers have to submit separate proposal for individual course which includes course outline, project list and cost per student
  • On the basis of demo feedback, project list and course outline the final trainer will be selected by college management.