Frequently asked Questions:

1. Which web browser should I use?
Use CHROME or FIREFOX or MS INTERNET EXPLORER 10+. Enable cookies if you can not login.

2. I have account in bank other than ICICI and Andhra. Can I use this system?
Yes. Online Payments are accepted from all banks. Choose any payment gateway.

3. What is offline payment?
If you want to pay amount by cash/cheque/DD choose offline payment option. Generate payment slip and visit any nearest ICICI bank(any) or Andhra bank(College campus only) with the required amount. One copy of payment slip should be submitted to office.

4. I want to pay fees by CASH or CHEQUE. what should I do?
Don't visit college for cash or cheque payments.
Steps to be followed:
a. Click on Pay fees Link in your login and select a demand for which you want to make payment.
b. Click on PAY NOW button.
c. Now choose payment gateway of a bank in which you want to deposit cash or cheque.
d. Select OFFLINE mode and Click on PROCEED button.
e. Generate payment slip and visit any nearest bank.
f. Submit a copy of payment slip to office.
e. Your receipt will appear in Receipts link after the confirmation from bank.

5. I have done offline payment. How will I get receipt of payment?
You will get receipt of payment through "Receipts" link in your login. Receipt will be available only after the confirmation of payment from bank. It takes normally two to three days for processing. Payment-slip is important document for you.

6. I get login page again immediately after logging in, What should I do?
Check to see that your computer system time is accurate. Cookies are time sensitive and may not work if your computer date is incorrect by a large amount. Make sure that your browser is configured to accept cookies or that you agree to accept cookies during the login process. Turn off any third party programs or control panels that automatically reject cookies.

7. Why does my session expire?
Login session expire for two reasons. For your security, your session expires a maximum of 20 minutes after you have logged in. If you do not accept the cookies set on login or your computer is not configured to accept cookies, your session will expire almost immediately. We use cookies (small pieces of site information) to assist us in user authentication and in saving configuration information. Cookies are required for APSIT to only Remember Username when you have selected the option..

8. There is a bug in software. Whom should I contact?
Contact Prof. Sachin H Malave, Room No. 315. A. P. Shah Institute of Technnology, Thane.